target tag


What is @targettag

Let’s do a quick Q&A to discuss the awesomeness that is @targettag, shall we?

Target Tag is a youth culture explosion that our one-and-only Targ├ęt has created to engage our youth generation in a movement of inclusivity and creativity. Target Tag is a digital magazine on Instagram…highlighting incredible creative minds around the world…giving them a voice to share their passions.

What else?

Target launched three new collections: Original Use, Wild Fable and Hey Day to give this youth culture generation a space to express themselves through fashion and technology. Everything in the Original Use and Wild Fable Collection is UNDER $40 and as an affordable fashion blogger…obviously I’m here for it.

How is @averageshrub working with @targettag?

I am working as a field editor for Target Tag. That means I talk about what’s trending in culture, fashion, food, travel….etc and report it back to the incredible team at Target HQ. You’ll also see me pop up on the page every once in a while because I also curate content for the @targettag Instagram along with 30 (ish) other INCREDIBLE creatives.

What should you do?

Go follow @targettag on Instagram and become a part of the youth culture movement. A huge name brand is looking at young and upcoming creatives and empowering people to pursue their dreams…who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?