Your KC Guide to Above Average Thrifting

It’s 2021 and I’m back with a much sought-after blog piece : a self-proclaimed insider sip of tea to the KC thrift scene.

Let me start with this, I LOVE THRIFTING. I love mixing vintage retro with modern styles and luckily KC has so many Thrift Shop gems. Thrifting is a great way for me to shop affordably for home decor and fashion + bring in unique styles/pieces into my home while also feeling good about my carbon footprint.

When I thrift, I always like to have an idea of what I’m looking for in mind whether it’s a brass lamp, a vintage bomber or even gold accent jewelry– I keep my list in mind so I can go in without proverbially going overboard. This helps me budget effectively but also guides my shopping conquest as KC’s second hand shops can be somewhat overwhelming if you don’t have a plan in mind.

So without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite thrift stores in KC and broke it down by category. Keep reading to get the sustainably sourced goods!

Fillmore Vintage: The One Stop Shop

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m Fillmore Vintage‘s biggest fan. I’ve become friends with the owner, Jack Blevins, who is SUCH a talented curator of mid-century modern home decor & style.

I do (admittedly) A LOT of my home decor thrifting here because his stuff is always very well priced and he carries a lot of unique pieces I haven’t found anywhere else. I bought everything from rounded glass & brass display shelves to candle sticks to seashell lamps to vases to even blouses & tees — truly you can get everything you could ever want and need here.

I can’t recommend Fillmore Vintage enough as the one stop shop for any weekend thrifting outing. Especially if you’re a fan of monochromatic style / brass accents…run don’t walk to take a visit!

Located at: 1408 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64101

Nova Vintage KC: The Vintage Furniture Dreamland

I started shopping at Nova Vintage in 2019 and it has never disappointed! This shop carries the most unique and beautiful vintage furniture finds curated in the most beautiful spaces. I have purchased smaller items from this shop because my apartment, unfortunately isn’t big enough for the grandiose dressers and credenzas that typically grace the shop but one day– I’m coming for you Nova!

It is only open 11am-4pm Friday & Saturday but I promise it’s worth the weekend visit. The owner is always bringing in new pieces and if you’re in the market for furniture or home decor (like my vase pictured below) Nova Vintage is the place to go!

This shop recently upgraded their space, moving from a small shop in the Crossroads to a new shop in Columbus Park area of Kansas City. Check it out at 916 E. 5th Street KCMO!

Fetch KCMO: The Blend of Curated New Age + Vintage Items

Fetch is basically the perfect place for curated oddities. In the front of the store you’ll find everything from candles, to Dolly Parton paraphernalia to gift wrap to planners — basically perfect giftable items for yourself or friend resides there. In the back, there are multiple different shops within the shop that sell curated vintage goods. I’ve found some great tees at Fetch and even last year’s bday dress. I will also say, majority of the places I shop at have more women’s apparel than men but @GUYS, Fetch does a great job of curating mens vintage too!

If that doesn’t entice you, @patrickfro and @lady_saltine co-own the shop and they are genius copywriters. They change their letter board often with the most #relatable verbiage that just screams “gram me”. So basically, head on over to Fetch right now!

Located at: 1101 Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO 64101.

*pro tip: After visiting Fillmore Vintage pop on over to Fetch to get a walk in AND score some cute vintage swag. We a love a little Two-for-One moment.

Daisy Lee Vintage: Your Retro Dreams Come True

So I usually don’t play a lot with color when it comes to my wardrobe…but Daisy Lee Vintage INSPIRES me to bring out my best tangerine orange & lime green tones & ROCK them like the queen I am. This is THE place for fun retro clothing and accessories.

Located in the heart of the crossroads, Daisy Lee is one of my faves to visit for chic retro clothes that are also affordable. The shop also is always hosting pop ups so they provide great opportunity for other local online only thrifters to have space and share the love. We STAN small businesses supporting small businesses.

Visit the shop here: 122 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Rivermarket Antiques: The Antique Mall with Four Stories of Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Last but certainly not least: Rivermarket Antiques. This place is your classic multi-story Antique Mall that has everything under the sun. Each shop within the mall is owned by a different curator, so you can basically find everything here.

From experience, majority of the vintage apparel is in the basement of the shop and as you go up in levels you’ll find more furniture and home pieces. This shop is a gem of KC, loved by many all around the metro. I especially love them because they always (pre covid) had a little coffee station where you could walk and sip and enjoy all there was to offer. This antique mall is more than just a shopping trip, it’s ~an experience~.

ALSO (as per their website), it contains “30,000 feet of Nostalgia” so like, who wants to miss out on that?

Located at: 115 W 5th Street Kansas City, MO, 64105

…& that’s the tea! I hope you enjoy shopping at my faves as much as I do. Let me know in the comments your fave places to shop sustainably in Kansas City!

P.S. You know I couldn’t end this blog post without some honorable thrift stop mentions.

  • Donna’s Dress Shop = vintage, funky dresses & accessories
  • Bella Patina = another antique mall located in the West Bottoms
  • Do Good KC = Curated second-hand clothing that donates its proceeds with different local KC charities
  • Facebook Market Place = enough said, do some digging on this one & you can find some V cool things (like idk 40 inch wood round that you can make into a table)

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