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Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, I’d like to paint you a picture.

Imagine this:

You’re scrolling on Instagram during your 3PM brain break. Amongst pictures of your friends, an ad from that shoe brand you visited last week, and a picture of your favorite influencer… you see this:

You immediately feel at peace. You scroll to the bottom of the post, prepared to click the share button and send it to your Instagram Story until you read the account name that shared this image. You realize it’s one of your favorite clothing brands.

You share the image anyway and then because you’re intrigued, click on the brand’s profile. You start to deep dive into their latest collection of sustainably sourced cotton fabric sweat sets. From their social content, you can tell that this new cotton launch is made in a variety of sizes and colors fit for any body.

You love the way it’s styled on the models and you can absolutely picture yourself wearing that outfit. Hey! They even shared a size guide so you know how it should fit your own body. Wait…isn’t that your favorite influencer again? It looks like they partnered with this brand to launch the cotton collection. You click their link in bio and start shopping on their website.

This is what I curate. I started my career in social media to create experiences that develop real connections with your consumer and start 1:1 conversations with them. Content that makes you think. Content that makes you feel seen.

In today’s world of digital marketing, authenticity is the key ingredient to baking a brand consumer into a brand advocate. On social media, we’re directly speaking with that consumer. We’re in their DMs, we’re replying to their comments and instead of just being a brand they aspire to purchase, they actually want to be your friend too.

I’m in the business of creating (& nurturing) the best first impression your consumer can have. Because today– your consumers aren’t going to your website to first find you, they’re on their phones searching for your brand’s @handle.

Find additional detail on my experience below.

Currently, I’m a Senior Social Media Manager for King & Partners, a creative agency based in New York City with a focus on Luxury Goods, Real Estate, Beauty, and Fashion brands. In my day to day, I oversee the social content development and strategy of Happy Nation, a tween brand under the Victoria’s Secret Parent company.

As a Senior Manager, I lead the development of Social Media strategy across our brand roster as well as manage a team of social coordinators, designers, and copywriters to create social-first content that drives brand advocacy.

Previously, I worked for Barkley, an Advertising Agency based in Kansas City for three years before moving on to King & Partners. As part of the creative team, I worked to conceptualize, manage, and oversee all digital-first content designed for the social consumer. At Barkley, I worked across a variety of DTC brands including (but not limited to): Delta Faucet, Vanity Fair Lingerie, Dairy Queen, HARIBO USA, Taco John’s, AMC, and Riceland Foods. 

Before Barkley, I worked as the brand marketing manager for a local coffee company, The Roasterie, and managed their social media, events, PR, and more. See more of my professional experience on LinkedIn, here.

And if you’d like to dive even deeper into my background…keep reading.


I worked with Target in March 2018 through March 2019 as an independent field editor aka freelance idea/trend curator + micro-influencer to participate in the launch of its new brand @TargetTag (now called, TargetActually). It was designed to engage Gen Z in a movement that fostered inclusivity and creativity. Target Tag was a digital magazine on Instagram, now, it’s moreso a platform that creates a safe space for creative minds around the world to grow.

During my time at Target, I covered events like Create & Cultivate in Miami, attended culture summits hosted by Target, and acted as a content creator.


I started writing this blog you’re currently reading in 2015 to create a forum to express myself and share my passion for affordable living. Since then, it has allowed me to grow my network in ways I never thought possible– traveling and curating on behalf of a national brand, meeting inspiring creators and individuals, jumpstarting my micro-influencer journey…the list goes on.

I created Average Shrub to bring humanity and authenticity to a crowded space of unattainable dreams. This journey over the past 8 years has been more exciting than I could have ever imagined and I’m excited to continue on for years to come.

If you’re interested, take a peek at my writing, here. You’ll find my story starts with a 19-year-old Journalism major from Atlanta, Georgia to now, a late 20-something creator sharing her love for writing, beauty, fashion & empowerment to reach your goals.

“Everyone can create a garden in which they can bloom, you just need to have the right tools to get started.”

Your Average Shrub

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