Museum Madness


Over the long winter break I ventured back home to the wonderful Atlanta, Georgia. While there, I visited the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. I was lucky enough to be there as the featured fashion exhibit from the Dutch designer, Iris Van Herpen, was in full swing. She defies the laws of fashion in all of her designs and continues to redefine fashion as we know it. In her Crystallization Collection, she literally created a dress to capture the essence of water moving…it’s insane.  Defying fashion in my own way, my entire ensemble pictured above is under 65$. Maddening right? Well, these pieces were all bought at Forever 21, which is one of my favorite places for affordable clothing. Next time you pop in at a trendy museum, try looking at Forever 21 first!

Iris Van Herpen is a world renowned designer and if you want to learn more about her, check it out here:

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