What’s in your Wallet?


Bonjour! This is the first of (hopefully) many blog posts I will be writing while I study abroad in France for the next five months! So to kick this off: featured above is the Zoppen travel wallet in Olive green that I bought on Amazon for only 13 dollars + shipping!! This travel wallet comes equipped with a passport pocket, pen slot, id slot, three slots for credit cards, a zip pouch for change, a place for your phone AND plane tickets and last but not least, a small pocket for your ~international~ sim card. In these past five days in France, this travel wallet has become the best boyfriend I have ever had and I think I may just make our love FBO (facebook official).

So ladies and gentlemen, if you are traveling in the near future and are on the hunt for a travel wallet, hop onto a computer and check out what Amazon has to offer– I promise you’ll thank me if you do.

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