Ask me about my Ascot


Bonjour! I’m back and ready to share some knowledge on the affordable find of the week! This piece of fabric was cut from a 99-cent scarf that my darling friend Gabrielle bought at Target. Shoutout to you Gabs for being a savvy shopper!

The scarf was fraying at the ends and needed a little TLC, so I decided to capitalize on that opportunity and create this SASSY ascot. It took about 30 seconds of meticulous cutting and BOOM a whole new accessory. Not to mention this look is recycled…so raise the roof to the environment am I right!?

As I have expressed before, I am a big fan of doing a little DIY on your clothes. I have definitely cut a plentiful of my own clothing to tailor it to my personal style—-PROTIP: This is a great way to get exactly what you want and also save the big bucks.

**PS. I wore this outfit with high-waisted, bell-bottom jeans and black boots. It was a huge hit with the French as I got a lot of double takes while wearing it…(it also could’ve also been the weird American accent but I prefer to think it was this bangin’ look).




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