New Year, same clothes



Happy New Year! I hope you have had a magical start to 2018 and it has been nothing but super sales galore! This New Year, I am making a resolution to spend less money on clothing I don’t need and start reusing pieces I have in my closet!

So without further ado…in the photos pictured above I am sporting a black and white checkered skirt from Urban Outfitters paired with a Forever21 cropped turtle neck. I paid around $30 for the skirt and under $15 for the top.

Yes, you may think that $30 dollars for a patterned skirt may be pricey BUT it can be paired with a lot of different tops (t-shirt, cropped top, sweater, denim YOU NAME IT) and the material is almost like spandex so it’s extremely comfortable. 10/10, a worthy purchase and tbh it really accentuates the #booty.

Okay now let’s talk turtles. My Forever21 cropped turtle neck is truly incredible and is really great to layer with, especially in the winter time. I’ve had this turtle-neck for about 2 years and I still wear it all the time so I would definitely say it was well worth the $15. The top is also #gr8 because I wear a lot of high-waisted bottoms and I hate wearing long shirts with a high-waisted bottom because that defeats the point of a high-waisted look!!

TBH I could talk about this cropped top all day, but I’ll spare you.

All in all I love this outfit and it’s a fun outfit to wear when you want to be comfy but also chic! You could even give a look like this some flair by┬ápairing it with a faux fur coat and tights while it’s still a little nippy outside.

NOW, for those of you who are wanting some extra savings tips, lemme hit you with a great one:

Sign up for your favorite brands’ loyalty programs. Urban Outfitters offers a 10% off discount for the first time you sign up for their loyalty program and will send you $5 dollars off your purchase after 5 separate times you shop there. Also when you download their app you can track your purchases so you can personally track your #savings.

P.S. Love the blog? Hate it? That’s cool, you do you… but HEY let me know in the comments or by reaching out to me on Instagram at @justyouraverageshrub what you want to see on the blog this year! All opinions and ideas are welcome!


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