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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a sucker for makeup secrets. If you’re new here, welcome– I love chatting about affordable makeup looks, fashion, lifestyle, etc.

So, I decided to spill the tea. I’ve been asked for this content for a while so here it is, my My Every Day Makeup Look Bible. Below, you’ll find a detailed description of how I perfect my look with some of my favorite products. Keep scrolling to see how I bring this look to life IRL. 

So, want to hear my Makeup Secret?

To start my everyday look, I begin with concealer. I use Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Concealer in tone 110. I chose a bright, pale-toned concealer to really brighten the dark circles under my eyes and I would 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to invest in a great concealer. Once I’m #concealed, I blend my foundation over it. I use IT Cosmetics, Your Skin But Better Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream in Fair because it’s light and creamy and has SPF 50+ in it to really protect my skin. We’re saying NO to wrinkles baby.

After my liquids are applied, we moved to powder compacts. I love Clinique’s Perfectly Real Compact Foundation. Placing a powder over your liquid foundation mattifies your look and sets it in for the day. Once we look smooth AF, the next step is contouring. Since this is an everyday look and I try to avoid using heavy creams on my face, I contour with a deep bronzer. My longtime favorite has been Clinique’s Pressed Bronzer in Sunblushed. I place my  bronzer right below my cheekbones, sides of my nose, forehead and underneath my chin to give me that natural contoured look #makeitsubtle. Disclaimer: I do go heavier on my bronzer underneath my cheekbones because we’re trying to look snatched honey.

Once my bronzer is blended to perfection, I sweep my blush over the apples of my cheeks and bring the product up towards my temple. I swear by my Macc Cosmetic’s Mineral Blush in Warm Soul, it’s the perfect color pair to my complexion and I even use it for eyeshadow, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Okay, so how are we doing? Thinking you can recreate this? Good, because I’m about to dive deep into my brow game so baby, buckle up. I am obsessed with Elf Cosmetic’s Brow Pencil. It costs $2 at Target and I buy at least three at a time because it would be TRAGEDY to run out of brow makeup. The pencil is so easy to use and has a two-in-one spoolie brush to blend in the color naturally. I use the color deep brown because you know I love a statement brow.

Now, the pièce de résistance, the eyes. Like I mentioned before, my current obsession is using blush for eyeshadow because it really ties the whole look together. Color matching my cheeks to my eyes gives me that perfect rosy glow throughout my entire look. I use a flat wide brush to sweep on my shadow and then blend it into my lid with a blender brush. Both of the brushes I use can be found at Sephora but I also recommend Morphe Brushes if you’re trying to find something affordable.

Once the shadow is applied we move to the eyeliner. Now listen closely, your eyes are sisters, not twins so if it takes a couple tries to perfect your line, THAT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. I like to do some deep breathing exercises before I apply my liner because girl, we need a steady hand. I use Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner in intense black to serve a major cat-eye. Pro tip: When applying eyeliner, draw the line at the corner of your eye first. I use the end of my eyebrow as a reference and draw a small, thin line up. Once you have that, you can fill in the rest of the line easier. 

Finally, we have to highlight this face because we’re trying to GLOW. I like to pair my Tarte Twinkle Stick Highlighter with my Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb to get that shine. I apply my cream highlight first and then lightly dust the powder over my cream highlight to really create a dewy glow.

I top this whole look off with a couple coats of my go-to-gal, Maybelline’s Rocket Volum Mascara. I like to apply mascara last because I feel like it ties the whole look together and we always save the best for last right? There’s something about mascara that makes you feel bright and new again.

Now, that you know my secret, I challenge you to recreate this look yourself! I believe in you. All of the products in my everyday toolkit range from drugstore prices to the Macc counter but can easily be substituted for your go-to products. Recreate this look on Instagram and tag me @averageshrub. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face.

Ready to see this look come to life? Check out my everyday look IRL below!

Products: @fentybeauty Concealer, @itcosmetics full coverage cream, @clinique perfectly real compact, @clinique pressed bronzer, @maccosmetics mineralize blush in warm soul, @elfcosmetics eyebrow pencil, @tartecosmetics twinkle stick, @fentybeauty diamond bomb highlight, @toofaced eye insurance primer, @stilacosmetics liquid liner, @maybelline rocket volum mascara, @maybelline colorsensational lip liner, @maccosmetics matte lipstick (pink plaid)

You can also watch this video on my IGTV on Instagram at @averageshrub.


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