Angsty Prisoner Aesthetic


So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to spice up my look so I went to the hair salon and cut off 6 inches of my hair for only 28 euros! To any of you out there who have payed way too much for a haircut, seriously come to France and get your haircut. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TIP!

**Disclaimer: The plane ticket here maybe a little expensive but hey you’ll get a gr8 haircut for less!

But anyway, the point of this blog post: After this sassy summer cut I naturally decided it was imperative that I found a bomb sundress to match. I mean what’s an affordable haircut without an affordable sundress? #logic

This sundress pictured above is from Mango, a European based franchise, and I bought it for only 35 euros! It has double ties in the back so it singes in my waist very nicely and it goes great with some sandal heels. (tbh it accessorizes great with a glass of rosé as well so feel free to try that too)

I hope you enjoy this “I just went to prison but my jumpsuit wasn’t chic enough so I illegally smuggled in scissors to make this dress” look and find your inner prisoner and #treatyoself with a sassy summer sundress!

A bientôt ❤

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