Boyfriend Jeans–No Boyfriend Required


Hello friends! I have returned to the U.S. and it’s safe to say I definitely miss France. I miss the smells, the language, the fashion, the architecture, the boys…so yeah pretty much all of it.

However, I am definitely glad to be back using U.S. currency, where I know exactly how much I’m spending…it was just way too easy to pretend 30 euros was the same as 30 dollars. P.S.–my bank account definitely disagreed with that logic.

Now, let’s talk affordable fashion.

As you can see above, I’m sporting a pair of boyfriend jeans that I bought while visiting a friend in New York. What!? New York can be affordable!? Yes honey! You just have to search for the deals.

I bought these jeans at Top Shop for only 16 dollars, YES PEOPLE 16 DOLLARS! It was one of the highlights of my trip and it just goes to show, if you’re willing to dive head first into the sales section, anything is possible.

Disclaimer–I did modify the jeans a bit and added extra rips to make them look a little more distressed #DIYbaby

I sported this look on an outing I took to Ponce City Market in Atlanta…where it is safe to say, is not very affordable. HOWEVER, that’s not to say you can’t find something in your price range. I did buy a killer Atlanta sticker for two dollars that I proudly placed on my laptop #ATLien

I really like this look for the summer time because although I am fully clothed waist down, the body suit helps me stay cool and the holes through my jeans ventilate very nicely. The sweat that I did have only looked like a beautiful dewy highlight and not like I just ran a marathon #blessup

All in all I would rate these jeans a 10/10 on comfort and affordability. #throwyohandsup for affordable fashion!

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