Seventies + Sass + Savings

Hello lovely people! Are you ready to talk about some mad savings? You know I am!

Well let’s jump right into it! As you can see in the photos above, I’m rocking a 70’s fall vibe that I wore during an outing I took while visiting a friend in Colorado and let me tell you it was a big hit with the fans (a.k.a. my mom who I sent these pics to.)

Pictured above I am sporting a $17 mustard bellbottom shirt from Forever 21, a $10 pair of pink sunnies from Urban Outfitters and a pair of gold, geometric earrings for $8 dollars at H&M. I know guys, I’m truly #shook at the affordability of my ensemble as well but I promise I only speak the truth!

P.S. The jeans I am wearing are also from Urban Outfitters but I bought them around five years ago…so I cannot accurately give you the price I bought them at… BUT, that’s not to say they’re not an affordable buy because if you know me, you know I wear these jeans like it’s my job, so I’ve definitely got my use out of them!

Now that fall is upon us, an outfit like this is comfortable and is a nice change from the usual flannel and hiking boots that I’ve coined as my fall uniform. This outfit was also super cheap and easy to put together and tbh I felt like a 70’s goddess with my bellbottom on bellbottom.

Disclaimer: I did wear a pair of reddish/maroon velvet shoes with this outfit despite the fact that they are not featured in the photo above. This just gives me an opportunity to feature them in a new blog post 😉

Stay posted for more affordable finds from your favorite penny pinching gal! ❤

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