Can we go Thrift Shopping?

Today on the blog I want to talk about the wonderful world of thrifting.

Thrift shops are a GR8 way to get some really cool statement pieces for CHEAP! Yes, this is an affordable fashion blog people, so thrifting is your friend!

Don’t get me wrong. Thrifting can definitely overwhelming at times if you’re not familiar with the area you’re thrifting in. However, in my opinion that can add to the fun of finding really great and unique pieces.

BUT, if you’re a person who gets overwhelmed easily by shopping…but also is trying to get the best bang for your buck… my advice is to you is to get to know your neighborhood thrift shop. Different thrift shops carry different things so it’s good to pick out your favorite stores and get a sense for what type of merchandise they carry. Is it more costumy or can you find some really cool vintage denim? You’ll never know until you do your research!

Okay so what the heck did I thrift in this post? Oh right. I bought these sunnies at @wildmanvintage , a local thrift shop located on Massachusetts street in Lawrence, Kansas. These babies were only seven dollars and they add funkiness to any outfit. I mean look at how good they pair with this laundry mat!!

I’ve sported these sunnies a couple of times and I really like how different they are from my go to circle framed sunnies. I will say however, full disclaimer, even I was nervous to wear them out at first because they are very unique. But in my opinion, you can rock any look, no matter how eccentric, if you do so with confidence.

So my friends, go out into the world and thrift your hearts out! And…in the great words of Macklemore:

“I am stunting and flossing and saving my money and I’m hella happy; that’s a bargain, bitch!”



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