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Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog I want to discuss my tattoos. Specifically, why I believe tattoos can be affordable for your mind and soul.

So… I am now a self-proclaimed tattoo pro as I just recently got my third tattoo as you can see pictured above. This juniper branch crossed with a lavender flower is representative of my mother and I. For those of you who know my mother, she freaking rocks. Literally she’s the most incredible human in the entire world so when I was thinking about how I wanted to represent her on my body, I took two years to really plan out what I wanted and who I wanted to tattoo me.

I went to Emma Ginsberg (you can follow her at @efg_art on Instagram) who is a local Kansas City hand-poke tattoo artist. My tattoo took around two hours and I payed $150 for it. Hand-poked tattoos take longer as the tattoo artist has to individually “poke” the design into your skin. So all in all, I believe this to be a good price because the standard price for a tattoo typically starts at $50 dollars, no matter how tiny it is.

Now I get it, you’re wondering…how does this tattoo post relate to affordable fashion? Well, let me tell ya.

My tattoos have been probably the most affordable ~things~ I’ve purchased because I get to wear it everyday for the rest of my life. Talk about improving my accessory game! But listen, I understand tattoos aren’t for everyone but for me, it’s a way I get to represent people or events in my life that I want to hold on to forever. Call it a permanent souvenir if you will.

For every tattoo I have gotten, I have taken a lot of time contemplating whether or not I really truly am passionate about it. Planning for me is a huge part of getting a tattoo because duh, this is going to affect my aesthetic for life! But really, every tattoo means something personal to me so planning out what I want gives me peace when making a large body-changing commitment.

So if there is one takeaway you, my dedicated blog readers, should take from this blog post… it’s this:

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and if you’re on the fence about getting one, ask yourself,

1. Is it something you will be able to look back at when you’re 80 and remember the mindset you were in at the time of wanting it?


2. What does this tattoo truly mean to you and will it always mean that to you?

Once you can answer those two questions, you are ready to #fullsend on improving permanent accessory game.


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