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@emjuddxphoto capturing my 2019 smile

Hi people! Long time no see and HAPPY 2019! It’s a new year and that “new year, new me” mindset is fresh on the brain. We’re setting our goals and aspirations for the New Year because it’s still January and the world is really feeling like our oyster right now.

So with that being said, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to create more. So here we are with a new blog post, (what’s up motivation!) This blog post is for the people who want to find their fashion personas this New Year, without breaking the bank.

So, as your neighborhood fashion blogger, I’m here to inspire you with my Top FIVE go-to stores that I shop at when I want to splurge on myself but also do so affordably.

So I want you to picture yourself… who are you this new year? Are you wanting to create staples in your look? Be edgy and flirty or even take on your business goals? Are you all of the above? Fabulous, I have your new go-to shop for whoever you want to be.

Let’s get this bread: 

H&M: The Girl Who’s Creating Staples in Her Closet. I love H&M, really and genuinely… I do. She’s cute and flirty but also I can alway count on finding a staple plain tee every time I visit. I dress in neutrals a lot so I can add in a pop of flare here and there with eclectic pieces I find. But, you need to start with good neutrals to make that work. Where do I buy my neutrals you ask? H&M baby.

This jacket you see below is an H&M staple that I bought for $60 dollars. This jacket is serving a chic and classic style that will go with virtually anything.


Target: The Girl Who Just Wants to Have Fun. So yes, it’s true…I side hustle for target (I love you @targettag fam) but I truly love Target just as a human in general. Even before my days at Target, we can all remember that feeling we got when your girlfriends asked you if you wanted to take a Target Run. That feeling of excitement and elation to just walk down the beauty aisle and check out the new ELF brow pencils.

I don’t know… maybe that’s just me, but Target is just fun and #affordable a.k.a. my favorite freaking combination. I bought this Christmas Sweater for a fun target shoot I took and I love how playful this look is. Target let’s me be fun and chic at the same time for a great price and guess what… I’M HERE FOR IT!

p.s. My earrings are Wild Fable ($5 from Target), the shear black shirt with stars are Wild Fable ($16) and the sweater is of course, from Target ($30.) Pro Tip: All the clothing from the new collection, Wild Fable from Target, are under $40…so if that doesn’t scream affordable fashion, I’m in the wrong business.

Wild Fable: earrings + undershirt

Forever 21: The Girl Who’s a Little Edgy. Similar to my sentiments about H&M, I love Forever 21. I can always go and find a fun and sassy piece that I can rely on to jazz up my outfit. If you’re an edgy girl or trying to be one (you do you girl, I believe in your aspirations) Forever 21 is a great place to shop.

I bought this red pleather body suit (cue jaw drop) for $17 at Forever 21. I took this look out in Miami and I felt edgy and FIRE FLAME (if you will.) I have since worn this look out with friends and I feel like an absolute queen when I put it on. So, if you want to be edgy or even want to go out of your comfort zone with a new piece, that you can also afford, (we all out here hustlin’)–I recommend Forever 21.

@me serving looks in Miami.

Madewell: The Girl Who’s Trying to Make it as a Blogger. Am I describing myself? I don’t know, maybe… *starts a go-fund-me to be a full-time blogger* But really, I love Madewell and honestly it can be affordable if you know when to buy and where to look. I know, you’re saying…sweet, sweet Juniper–what are you talking about? But listen, hear me out.

If you join Madewell’s insider perks, on your birthday you’ll get $25 towards your order. That’s free monies without having to spend a certain amount because you were literally just born (thanks mom & dad.) They just give you a $25 voucher. Also– If you’re a student, you can get 20% off your purchase when you show your student ID! Lastly, sign up for their emails. They will notify you of their big sales. I am subscribed to all of my favorite brands email lists so I know when to shop so I can #shopsmart. Yeah girl, I’m #educated.

So, the shirt I’m wearing, I bought for literally $20 because it was on-sale and I also used my $25 birthday discount to buy it. Madewell for the win!

Madewell: Bolo Tie Necklace + Blouse

Last but not least…

GAP: The Girl who’s a Savvy Business Woman. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again. I LOVE The GAP. I shop there for everything from comfy t-shirt dresses, soft pajamas, bras and as you see below, business professional wear. As I am a recent post-grad (rip college,) I needed to invest in some nice work pants so people will take me #seriously. So I went to The GAP and she was so kind to me. I got these gingham printed pants for $60. They’re curvy fit and they’re super soft.

These pants make me feel like I’m a freaking boss lady, living her best life. Blogging, taking names and fulfilling all her New Year’s Resolutions (see how it came full circle?)


So ladies (& gentlemen) I hope you enjoyed this blog post and felt inspired to find your 2019 look. You can live affordably and be the person you want to be…just read my blog and I’ll get you there. #nopromo

Go out and live this 2019 to your best potential, WE GOT THIS!

p.s. drop your 2019 style in the comments below and let me know your recommendations for where to shop this year!

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