Affordable Accessory Realness


Happy Monday people. Today I’m coming at you all with affordable accessory REALNESS.

So, I LOVE a fun piece of jewelry. I wear a lot of neutral tones so if I can spice up my look with a fun accessory, you know that I’m about to do it. As you can see above, I spiced up a classic dark-neutral look with a pop of red lipstick and these earrings that I bought from h&m for $5.99. Yes, it was a total steal.

The women I’m wearing on my ears are also wearing a bold red lip (ugh I love how we coordinated) paired with a rhinestone eyebrow. Yes, these ladies are doing the most but I love their ferocity.

I’ve seen this fun earring trend pop up a lot recently and I’m predicting that in 2019 the jewelry will get even bolder…and listen, I’m here for it. I 100% support making a statement with what you wear–because there is no better feeling that leaving your house, striding with confidence, knowing that you can take on the world because you simply just. feel. cute.

When I add a fun accessory into my look it makes me feel chic but doesn’t take away from the seriousness of my fit. The outfit that I’m wearing says that yeah, I mean business but I’m not afraid to be playful with a fun gingham print, paired with a good pair of earrings. I’m sure that is EXACTLY what you thought when you saw the look so, I’m glad we’re on the same page.

Ladies & gentleman, get motivated this Monday to find yourself a fun pair of earrings and take on the town this week. If I can do it for less than $10, so can you.


Photo by @emjuddxphoto – Shoes & Shirt: Urban Outfitters – Pants: GAP – Earrings: h&m

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