Home Is Where You Take Your Pants Off


Hello people…

Who me? Yes I know it’s been a MINUTE since I created some blog content. I started my big girl job and life got busy but now I’m taking time for myself and my people (you all) so I can deliver some REAL good blog content. So, I sat down with a glass of wine to talk about my passion…affordable fashion. (damn I love a good rhyme)

Okay…ready for me to talk deals? Great. Let’s do this thing!

The jeans I’m sporting in the pic above are from Target’s new Wild Fable collection. I bought them for $22 (yes…real denim for $22) and I’m obsessed. These jeans are super comfy and they’re great for an edgy/casual look. I paired my jeans with my white snakeskin booties from Urban Outfitters and a cropped tee (from Target as well) that I made myself #DIYbaby.

My goal with this look is to pull off the “I-didn’t-try-but-actually-did” fit. Which if you know me, is literally my aesthetic. A.K.A. pretending that this effortless disheveled look was created by chance…when in reality…I definitely tried on like six different shirts with these jeans until I finally settled on a plain tee–classic. 

So, really…I love Wild Fable. This is Target’s new line of clothing, designed for us struggling fashionistas who are trying to slay but also save…#blessings. Everything in this clothing line is under $40 and the material holds up really well. A lot of times when you’re trying to shop affordably, you have to sacrifice quality to get a good price but with Wild Fable, you’re getting more than what you’re paying for.

Yes, yes I know you’re saying…hey Juniper…don’t you low-key work with Target? Is This a paid AD? No, I’m not being paid to love them but yes, true… I very low-key work with Target. You can learn about what I’m doing with them here… but I promise, I would not promote something I didn’t absolutely believe in.

And honey…my butt looks so good in these jeans that they could convince me to believe in anything.


your average shrub.



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